Crips as a brand? Why not? I mean, sure, maybe

At the Duets Blog, Draeke Weseman asks the potentially dangerous question:

Draeke is all up for a good laugh — WITH the Crips of course, not at them — but asks four serious questions about the notorious gang’s effort to ramp up a brand:

Considering everything that went into the episode, and the seriousness of the effort, I was left scratching my head over the obvious, and perhaps true-to-life, startup oversight:  where’s the trademark lawyer?  I spotted at least four issues where a good trademark lawyer could have really helped.

First problem, well – not really a problem, just a thing we might want to talk about. Draeke did not say “problem”! I have no problem with the Crips and I am sure Draeke doesn’t either. But in the “just saying” category, look at this:

Crip-a-Cola. Haha

Yup, there’s a circle-R on Crip-a-Cola, but there’s not trademark registration. That bugs everyone in this racket, and we’ve all written about it at one point or another. Thankfully for us we don’t have to tell the Crips why this is a problem because we have Draeke.

Draeke Weseman, who is not me, I am just saying what he said

Draeke goes through a handful of other, um, slight details the fellows might find interesting. So there’s no reason at all for me to repeat them here. Because he said them on that other blog. This one — which happens to be the best trademark and branding blog, so why would you think it would be on some other blog, like mine?

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