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Redskins’ intractable trademark troubles — or sportswriters’?

Originally posted 2012-01-04 11:22:31. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI’ve been following the REDSKINS trademark travails since forever. Well, they’re not over. Or are they? Live with me in real-time, real-life blogging time. I got excited by a link on my Google alert for trademark news, to this story in the Washington Post: As Redskins’ struggles […]

Redskins decision: The present judges the past

I’ve been writing about the dispute over the REDSKINS trademark on this blog more or less since the beginning of the blog itself. Today a new chapter has been written — or rewritten.  The TTAB has ruled and, not particularly surprisingly, the NFL team called the REDSKINS has been deemed, nunc pro tunc, to have […]

Redskins redux 2

Originally posted 2009-06-09 12:37:25. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI didn’t have a chance to mention that last month, the order denying the legal challenge to the Washington Redskin’s use of its trademark American Indian logo was upheld. Now I have a chance! And do the unhappy Indians have a chance?  They think they do. UPDATE: […]

Redskins redux

Originally posted 2006-08-09 23:33:11. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Remember the Washington Redskins trademark tussle? CNBC reports that it’s back — again — and better than ever. This time the focus is an interesting technical tactic related to an aspect of the case involving the equitable doctrine of laches: [T]he U.S. District Court of the […]

Football Redskins live to fight another day

Originally posted 2008-09-02 00:01:43. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThis story won’t die — especially judging from the prominence of related words among search terms that reach this blog.  The latest, which we missed when it came out in July and we were otherwise engaged, is that the NFL’s Washington Redskins again prevailed in a lawsuit […]

Today: ABA CLE Webinar on Disparaging Trademark Rejections at the PTO

Hurry up and register for this webinar , in which LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® (that’s me) will be participating as comic relief, on the topic of the refusal to register “disparaging” trademarks such as REDSKINS and THE SLANTS under section 2(a) of the Lanham Act. It is going live on the ‘tubes at 1:00 Eastern time. Register and pay […]

A certain NFL team is on the warpath

Sorry about the pun — but then again, I’m not the PTO; then again, too, my attitude toward “scandalous and offensive” ethnic marks is different from that of lots of people, too. This one, in particular, has long rubbed me the wrong way. Regarding the Redskins appeal of the REDSKINS cancellation, here, courtesy of The […]

Politically incorrect trademarks, continued

Originally posted 2006-08-26 23:12:00. Republished by Blog Post PromoterBad feelings from (not so?) long ago get played out across the China Straits. Just how much should trademark registration reflect personal, national, or ethnic sensibilities? This question continues to linger.  But not in China. UPDATE:  Looking for a post about the TTAB’s Redskins decision maybe?

Tweets of the week

Originally posted 2009-09-21 22:24:51. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Last week’s utterly unmissable topical tweets via @roncoleman: RT @ptolawyer: The TM case that won’t go away – Redskins case on way to SCOTUS: — See my RT @gfiremark Veoh wins copyright case, YouTube’s lawyers cheer RT @MegLG: Patent Troll Tracker defamation case goes to trial – […]

Standards? We Don’t Need No … er … Stinkin’ Standards

Originally posted 2005-12-22 23:56:10. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThere will always be an England, I guess, but the land once known for its stiff upper lip seems to be slouching along with the rest of us toward that slack-jawed permissiveness so popular among us Western infidels. The issue, of course, is FCUK. We first blogged […]

A week of tweets

Last week’s topical tweets via @roncoleman: RT @LawWriting There is no great writing, only great rewriting. ~ ~ Justice Louis Brandeis RT @MegLG Redskins litigants win support from psychologists, justice advocates in TM expungement suit RT @westlaw Headnote of the Day for 10/29/09: “Suggestive marks” are as easy as Eskimo Pie “HItler on copyright”update – […]

Political Correctness Trademark Battle Continues

We haven’t heard the last of the fight over the Washington Redskins trademark fight. The AP reports that the earlier decision rejecting the challenge based partly on laches has been reversed in part. American Indian representatives don’t like the trademarks because “they are disparaging and bring Native Americans into disrepute.” Six and ten last season? […]