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Secondary Trademark Infringement: Don’t wait for the movie!

Critics agree:  Buy the Jane Coleman and Griff Price’s Secondary Trademark Infringement from Bloomberg BNA –or you’re liable to miss the big one!

Secondary Infringement

A Thanksgiving Bleg

The Mesivta of Long Beach New York was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  (A “mesivta” is a type of boys’ yeshiva (rabbinical) high school; “MLB” also has a secondary studies program.)  The graphic below, stating that “for the first time in 47 years, the Kol Torah in the Bais Medrash has come to a standstill,” means that since the time of the school’s founding, this event has stilled the “Voice of Torah” — i.e., the sound of Torah learning — in the study hall.

I am breaching the not particularly thick wall between my personal and online lives here to try and help the Mesivta raise funds to get back on its feet and remain in operation until it does.  Like most Jewish educational institutions, Long Beach barely meets its operating expenses on an ongoing basis, despite the dedication of its alumni and parent body.  The need now — including that of its dedicated and already under-compensated faculty and staff — is extraordinary, however; hence this “bleg” (that means, of course, a “blog-beg”).

Source: via Ron on Pinterest

I’m grateful for what Long Beach has done for my family and my community.  So as a “Thanksgiving Day” gesture, I am posting this — which I have done entirely on my own; the Mesivta is not “on the Internet” as such — and asking LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® readers to click the link and help.  The donation is tax-deductible.

USPTO Boot Camp: Trademark Edition (advertisement)

This blog is a media partner sponsor for the following upcoming CLE seminar from the American Conference Institute:

USPTO Boot Camp: Trademark Edition

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, VA

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As ACI explains:

Trademark attorneys face an increasingly demanding atmosphere when they shepherd a trademark application through the USPTO. Denials of trademark applications based on fraud, pressures of conducting cost effective trademark searches, and complexities of negotiating coexistence agreements with other trademark owners raise the stakes for the trademark bar.

The benefits of knowing how to navigate the nuances of the USPTO are invaluable, but the consequences of ignorance could shatter the marketing, promotion, and legal plans invested in the trademark.

Now is the time to strengthen your awareness of the USPTO trademark application process. Now is the time to refine your skills in dealing with trademark examiners. Now is the time to learn from the experts. With your needs in mind, ACI designed USPTO Boot Camp: Trademark Edition to focus on the core issues facing attorneys in this vital area of trademark law.

USPTO Commissioner for Trademarks, Lynne G. Beresford, TTAB Judge Albin F. Drost, and a distinguished faculty of top trademark attorneys will peel back the layers of the USPTO, deconstruct the complexities of the application process, and give you insights on:

  • Choosing language for the trademark application that accuratelydescribes the goods and services attached to the trademark
  • Identifying the USPTO’s criteria for determining whether a trademarkapplication is fraudulent
  • Eliciting critical information about the unique aspects of the corporateculture and their impact on the use of the trademark in commerce
  • Providing an effective response to a USPTO Office Action
  • Classifying the considerations in pursuing action at the TTAB to protecttrademark rights during and after the registration process
  • Incorporating the use of the trademark into your search strategy
  • Deciding the appropriateness of an audit to uncover potential sources of fraud

Attend this conference and learn to navigate your way through the regulatory maze that plays a critical role to your practice areas. Don’t delay — register now by calling 1-888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 1-877-927-1563, or registering online.