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TTABlog Celebrates Third Anniversary

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Three years of KEEPING TABS ON THE TTAB® — well spent, John Welch!

Best headline of the year?

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Mister Snitch, concerned that we’re not getting enough irony, writes that this could well be the best headline of the young year. He could well be right!

Freedom to blawg

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Blawg Review #85 is up, down under.  It’s one of the most thorough and “dense” blawg reviews ever.  I mean that in a good way.

How bad is really bad IP blogging?

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I don’t like to call out other bloggers, but I do it sometimes.  People are gentle with my mistakes — Steve Feingold being the model of graciousness this week (as he always is, of course!) — usually.

Hand shredderBut if you write a blog and you jack it all up full of SEO juice and it then gets picked up by my daily Google Alert for “trademark” and then I poke around on your oddly-written Minnesota Attorney Blog blog where you have a category called “Minnesota Intellectual Property” — and hey, I know as well as anyone that they do intellectual property in Minnesota, so I’m not going to snark you out on that — and then I find that each post has this canned-SEO preface to it that says, Minneapolis Intellectual Property Attorneys,”… you know, just in case someone’s, like, searching for the phrase MINNESOTA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ATTORNEYS or something… and I click one of the two posts in this category by these “attorneys…”

It had better be good, brother.


Trademarks do not have to be registered in order to be valid. The person who uses a mark in commerce first obtains a trademark on that mark. This mark indicates where a good or service came from. It shows the source. The person who obtains a trademark on a mark also obtains the right to prevent others from using that mark in commerce.

No.  Not good.

Not, not, not, not good.

I feel like Scott Greenfield.  But sometimes, somebody’s got to do it.

Not.  Good.

Minnesota Intellectual Property.



Orlando, INTA, May 2016: PLEASE meet the bloggers —

kingsbowlPlease come.  Please?

Because the more people who show up who aren’t we, the sponsors… the less likely the members of this merry band are to kill each other.

Alternatively, come and watch!

You are urgently invited. Please RSVP here so that we know to expect you.

MTB XII will take place Monday, May 23, 2016, from 8PM to 11PM, at Kings Bowl America, 8255 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819, next to the Orlando Eye

Is your blog anti-otherly-abled?

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Scott Kirwin explains why it might be.

IP Blogs Get Out of Bloglines

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Marty Schwimmer (going for three links from here in one week, only one of which is an outright ripoff on my part) has loudly disconnected himself from Bloglines, an aggressive RSS feed aggregator. Marty is annoyed, and rightfully, that what the company is doing amounts to a 21st-century version of the old “framing” conundrum of the ’90’s. (See here for a scaredy-cat but thorough [natch] treatment.)

Kevin updated and wrote, “more complicated than I thought,” linking to an article just a day earlier on Dennis Kennedy’s tech law website. He has the same problem although, each man true to form, he writes (and analyzes) a lot more than Marty and doesn’t, as far as one can tell, bail out of Bloglines. (I haven’t either.)
Bloglines - TrademarkBlogNow this is going to be interesting. Kevin Heller’s superlative TechLawAdvisor blog has a story about how
Well, I’ll say it’s more complicated. Not only does Dennis Kennedy have a “twin” on Bloglines, he has a twin on, too — either that or maybe there is a “technological solution” to the question of how he is writing about himself (“Prominent Lawyer Blogger”! yes!) in the third person!

UPDATE: Marty explains that it’s not the “framing” — it’s the prospect of his content being repackaged for sale to his own competitors (other trademark law firms). That and what he describes as a “disingenuous” response from the Blogline boys to his inquiry. Evidently, he’s getting linked aggressively on this. It will be this week’s “inside blogball” story, I think.


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Instapundit - PIMP post linkIf you’ve got a modem, you might get a link: It doesn’t get any better for a blogger on his third day in business. Now I feel a little guilty, though.

It will pass. Thanks.

UPDATE:  That link from Instapundit may not work quite right any more.  It wants to go here.


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Some people, it seems.  You know what I mean.

Instapundit Twitter FeedInstapundit Glenn Reynolds mentioned casually to ten or a hundred thousand of his closest friends that he was having the darndest time freeing up his INSTAPUNDIT® trademark so that it could be used — by him — as a Twitter username.

Well he, with the help of Nina “No Stuffy Lawyers” Yablok — and, of course, more than a few of those friends all a-swarm — got it done.

The real problem, of course, is that for the most of the rest of us, there’s a real problem.  It went, originally, like this: Read More…