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Here, read this

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"An enormous charm bracelet"

“An enormous charm bracelet”

While I’m busy with this Long Island jury, which — bless their souls — seems to be in for a longer shlep than they may have expected, I can at least send readers to the December Quick Links on Eric Goldman’s Technology & Marketing Law Blog.  That’s December as in a retrospective posted in January.

It’s probably all stuff I should know, anyway.  So let’s say I do know it  by incorporation.  It’s my little Exhibit A, you could say.

Counterfeit Chic: Knockoff News 67

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Read it and laugh. Or cry. Definitely laugh or cry.

Then read this really good article on Counterfeit Chic which stands for the proposition that designers shouldn’t use their own names on their labels. Then laugh. Or, cry.

Blawg Review!!!

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How did I miss this? Happy century of weeks!

I actually hadn’t.  Here’s where we’re really up to, though!

In like a lion – This March on Twitter

I can’t remember the last time I rounded up recent topical Twitter tweets via this blog’s likely2confuse feed, and I’m not even going to try to backfill that far.  But here’s a bunch to catch all of us up a bit on some of last month’s highlights (March 2016):

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Tweets of the week

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'must be high'Last week’s utterly unmissable topical tweets via @roncoleman:

Now, fly like the wind!

Ain’t she chic

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Counterfeit Chic, that is, with another knockout Knockoff News!

Party poopers!

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2_party_hat.pngI know there’s at least a theoretical limit to how often I can link to Susan Scafidi’s website, but there’s also at least a theoretical limit to the chutzpa of people who traffic in counterfeit handbags — and neither of those limits seems to be much on display in practice.

Pitch for Blawg Review #3

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Read all about it: Appellate Law & Practice: Blawg Review #3. You just might learn something!

True twit

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True Grit[From October 26, 2009:] Here are last week’s greatest twits from @roncoleman:

As to the last of these, you will want to see, of course, my continuing series on the wicked ways of Lady Voldemart herself.

I wrote “VoldeMART” there, see.  Not VoldeMORT.  One’s a “flight” of commerce; the other’s a flight of death.  Evidently, however, they flock together.

High class blawging

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Blawg EllingtonBlawg Review #88 is a lot snazzier, jazzier and just plain classier than usual.