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When Will The Law Catch Up To Self-Driving Cars? [Infographic]

Self-driving cars seem like a good idea- you can concentrate on other things, they take human error out of the equation, and they appear to be much safer. But are they even legal? There are many places throughout the United States where there aren’t yet laws that apply to self-driving cars. Currently 4 states have passed bills on automated driving, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Learn more from this infographic!


Spam hope?

Reuters reports:

A Shenzhen company has been fined for sending bulk junk email in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in China where more than 50 billion spam messages are received a year, state media said on Tuesday.

I would love for someone to explain to me why so much Chinese spam comes in in Chinese characters.  I know that practically most people are Chinese, but most would-be customers of spammers aren’t.  Is it too much for me to insist that information about … all those spammy things… be written in good old-fashioned American?

This will teach ’em.

My chat with Verizon

Verizon chat screenWe don’t have TV here.

But let’s say I’m willing to spring for a few bucks because someone is at my house who would like to watch the Yankees – Red Sox game on the Internet.  Which is, after all, like a TV, right?

So, great.  I have FiOS Internet and phone from Verizon.  They also offer TV through the same fiber.  I know this because they offer it hard; and they offer it often.

As it happens, earlier this evening I’d upgraded the FiOS Internet to higher speeds for just ten bucks, and I even got an email saying that my “request” was “complete,” even though the speeds still seem pretty much the same, but hey, that’s Verizon; you can’t really take them too literally, after all.  They’re pretty much the government.

But ok, whatever.  Can I get the ball game or not?

Well:  Topical relevance, right?  It’s this:

Interested in technology, brands, customer service, computers?

Then you’ll love my chat with Verizon (heads up, BTW; in the chat I got the up/down speeds scrambled).

Are Tech Startup Bubbles Real?

Startups are cool right?

We used to all want to represent them and take equity in them and stuff.

Now, we’re a little more careful, all around.  Here, think some more:
Demystifying the Tech Startup Bubble
Image compliments of Biz Brain

School Tech (Infographic)

Workbench at Edison's lab

I like technology!  It’s all over me and I’m all over it.  It brings me to you and you to me.  It also keeps you from me if, you know, that’s more appropriate.  It has transformed the practice of law, the field of intellectual property, and everyday life in all sorts of ways that even a paragraph this full of cliches could not describe without using even more of them.

One of the things I often think about when considering electric magic stuff is how different my college experience would have been if I had the toys today’s students have when I was prowling the lawns of Princeton in my cap and gown.  (We wore those to class in those days.)  I remember investing in an answering machine for my dorm room — the kind that took full-size cassette tapes — when I got a single and there were no roommates around to take messages for each other.  This was a great device!  People could leave a message for you.  For when you were not near the phone.  Before graduation I wrote my (execrable) senior thesis using an even cooler device, which, like the answering machine in my room, also used a cassette tape to store data:  A personal computer called a Commodore VIC 20.

Ah, memories.  (It’s cliche day!)  As I said, my economics thesis was so bad I should have written it with a crayon, and the fact that I was  using technology that was already well-nigh obsolete (other kids had these Macintosh thingies) didn’t spoil my fun or my excitement.  Who knew?  The scholarship, the answering machine, the PC, and in many respects the man were all in for major changes.  Indeed, we were all of us ensconced in one of the newest dorms on campus, located in what was called New New Quad — which itself was deemed obsolete by Princeton Inc. and leveled not all that long ago, to considerably more ambivalence than met the passing of these other old-fashioned notions of high technology.

Journey with me, then, along the path of a new infographic from my buddies at Nowsourcing featuring Technology, Then vs. Now in the academy.

Then Versus Now: How Technology in Schools Has Changed Over Time

Image compliments of Master of Arts in Teaching Degrees