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Photo Attorney Carolyn Wright writes:

Rebecca Tushnet over at the 43Blog reports on a recent case in New York where the court determined that the use of a woman’s photograph for a fiction book cover required a model release.  This ruling creates an anomaly with other NY cases where the court ruled that a photograph of a person used for a news article does not require a release.  The lesson?  It’s always safest to get a model release when using a photograph of a person.

Good pickup.  Good advice, too.  Although, now that I think about it, the facts in this case and the publishing sector in which it occurred sound eerily familiar to me

One comment

  • I can hear the case from either side… the dominant portion of the mark is “Intel”, but how are they using it? Are they using it to describe similar goods such as microprocessors, or are they using it to describe government intelligence?