Defamation online

It’s our future.  Instapundit rounds up developments, which Julie Hilden is all over.  I’ve made my point on this topic — less a legal than a cultural observation.


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  1. LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® » Blog Archive » Libel lives - July 15, 2007

    […] No “free speech absolutist” I, I like libel, and I’m glad to see it hasn’t been completely eliminated by judges who raise the bar plaintiffs must overcome to impossible heights on imagined constitutional grounds. Maybe it helps if the plaintiff itself is a judge. Well, that works for me, too, as long as the next guy can take advantage of the precedent, and the climate, that an unaccustomed degree of actual responsibility for what you write and publish is imposed, as in days of old. Whether offline (if there is really still such a thing, or if it matters) or online. […]