A head of the game

It's all in your head

It’s all in your head

Says Ed:

Some ponder, “Are law blogs dying?” Others follow Blawg Review and know they’re not.

Or at least that the answer is … negotiable.  Hardly surprising, seeing as how the hostess this week is the Countess of Compromise, Victoria Pynchon herself, whose extremely deep Blawg Review is the first one I know of to feature a classic nephrology head!

More points than you get for FEES

Victoria, a legendary Blawg Review “sherpa” herself — as the remarkable neural density of this Blawg Review edition amply demonstrates — is also responsible for what I consider the best-ever graphic ever to appear on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, right here (at right).  So this is one Blawg Review to settle in with over cocoa and a nice board game as we enter one big dog of a nasty autumn.


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  1. October 19, 2009 at 11:55 am #

    Thanks for the link-love, Ron, even though “Countess of Compromise” is not an honorific to an interest-based negotiator for whom compromise is the least effective alternative to litigation.


  1. Ron Coleman - October 18, 2009

    "A head of the game" http://bit.ly/3MchKq — Re an anything-but-unsetttling-Blawg Review by @vpynchon