If you can’t beat ’em

Iron ManName Wire:

In what Agenda Inc. refers to as a “highly ironic move,” notorious brand naming counterfeit hotspot Silk Street Market in Beijing has applied for a trademark to its own SilkStreet clothing label and warned counterfeiters not to copy it.

In what must be the most lenient criterion for reselling a high end brand in the world, the company solemnly assures us that only traders with ““no record of selling fake or shoddy products within six months and no [customer] complaints.” can sell SilkStreet brands.

Well, I am really into irony these days, so dig in with me. This is more than ironic, though: The idea of of building a brand on the concept of brand counterfeiting is the first example I know of what we might call (well, I am about to call) reverse meta-branding.

Reverse meta-branding! You like that? There’s even some irony left over.

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