Lotsa Matzah

Originally posted 2005-04-25 12:48:37. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Passover has kept blogging very “light” (as they say) this week, and I am sure I will be digging out and catching up all next week. But it would not be kosher if I didn’t leaven things with a little seasonal trademark blogging. So here’s a link to the Orthodox Union, the organization that advertises its “O-U” trademark, and rightfully, as the “world’s best known kosher trademark,” which it quite certainly is. See here for information on the application of the “O-U” to kosher for Passover foods. Not that the O.U. owns the right to the “O-U” combination — hardly. Rather, it’s the “circle-U” or “U in the O” device which is where the action is and which, like any other good and valuable trademark, requires aggressive enforcement.

The O.U. isn’t the only kosher certification, of course, though it is the biggest and is very well respected. Some products bear the hechsherim or certification marks (trademarks that serve as an identification of source, not of a good itself, but of a certification about that good as to quality, such as being kosher or being safe) of various other agencies all of which, with all due respect to the federal judiciary, answer to a higher authority. Because the True Judge adjudicates beyond lifetime tenure!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday, or what should be a beautiful weekend if it’s not your festival.