Major League Baseball steals from customers

“If You Purchased MLB Game Downloads Before 2006, Your Discs/Files Are Now Useless; MLB Has Stolen Your $$$ And Claims “No Refunds”

Compelling blog post title, no?

So typical of the bloated steroid brains running that business. Yes, guys, you’ll always be able to do just whatever you want to fans, because your product is in unceasingly great demand. Just ask the record companies.

Billed hat tip to TechMeme.


  • So is it fair use to “media shift” a now unplayable format? I think doing so falls under Sec. 107 of the Copyright Act, but I would suspect some type of DMCA claim if people started converting video en mass (especially if MLB is represented by the same lawyers as Prince!). 🙂

    At least with a VHS tape (or even DVD) you can convert it to a “modern” playable format for personal use.

    This is another example of the short-sightedness of using DRM to manage copyrighted works. Though, with their market leverage, you are right, Ron… why should MLB (or RIAA) care at all?

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