Let me be buried on this spot!

My mother came here from Cuba 50 years ago this month. She lived in the town of Pedro Betancourt in the Matanzas province; her parents had immigrated from Poland in the 1930’s to escape growing European anti-semitism.Iironically enough, the Cubans called these refugees from Polish hatred polacos — “polacks.” She left during the Revolution, while Castro was still in the hills.

She has never looked back. (The family did visit a few years ago, however. This sparked a minor international incident!) I talk to her almost every day via the Internet.

Others aren’t so lucky. Support and link to this blog entry about Guillermo Fariñas Hernandez. Via Dean.

Patrick Henry

UPDATE: This post originally bore a title with the designation “off topic,” but of course this is germane to one of our central topics, free speech, especially as it relates to the Internet.