Google me this

If trademark / Internet cases are not at the top of things to stay on top of in late December, you may have missed this potentially important decision giving Google an out of the box win in the battle (not, as suggested by the CNET story’s headline, the war) between its own quaint self and insurance mass-marketer GEICO. This is a case being watched by all of us practicing in this area. Indeed we have a case in our office in which we represent a California Internet-based retailer accused (quite falsely, as a fact matter) of little more than using…

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Blogging for Industry.

If one more person tells me that I am going to have to blog, why, that will make a number of people. So what I’m doing now is blogging. There is no requirement, however, to watch a person make a fool of himself. I’m just saying. Read more

What’s new at the firm: Judgment in trade secret / Taiwan case

One of the purposes of the blog will be to update Internet users who mysteriously find their way here on what sorts of things are new at the Coleman Law Firm. Unlike lawyer bloggers such as the guys at Powerline and Beldar who use their powerfully honed intellects and razor-sharp legal sensibilities merely to weigh in on ponderous world events, I am unapologetically and explicitly pitching for your business here. Then I will weigh in on ponderous world events, virtually insuring that I don’t get your business. Anyway, after our papers wended (did wend?) their way, seemingly forever, through the... Read more

Strict construction

No, not more about that constitutional dustup at the Volokh Conspiracy. The delivery guys were supposed to be here yesterday with a blog roll and a direct link on the top to the firm website. But you know how it is — they just called from Route 3 for directions. Sheesh. UPDATE: The Dean intimidated me into sticking the darned HTML code in there myself. It’s “good enough for government work.” Thanks to him (again) and Bob Cox for our first-ever links. But enough log-rolling. Now it’s time for objections to document demands. Yes! Read more