Sapporo Diet Water: The ultimate in branding

Lite water.  It’s all in the marketing!

Hat tip to my client, the photographer Robert Burch.

Ron Coleman

5 Replies to “Sapporo Diet Water: The ultimate in branding

  1. Ron:

    Report from your Japan (OK, New Jersey) correspondent– apologies if I step on your punchline, but the label in the photo says that it is a pure, delicious water that can be used without moderation as an aid to dieting.

    Makes sense, but doesn’t make sense. But Japanese is full of adaptations of English words that mean something a little different to the Japanese than they do to native speakers of Shakespeare’s tongue.

    Baseball is full of examples:

    Dead ball: hit by pitch
    Timely hit: hit with RBI; not required to be “clutch”
    Touch up: tag up
    Head sliding: head first slide
    Lucky seven: seventh inning stretch

    Richard R. Bergovoy

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