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There are good IP blogs too!

Congratulations to this year’s ABA Journal’s “Blawg 100” scientific reckoning of the top IP law blogs:


Gene Quinn’s IPWatchdog is on the trail of the latest intellectual property law news and policy developments. Posts by the Leesburg, Va., patent attorney not only alert readers to what’s new, but often provide detailed analyses of the subjects, with source materials to boot.
Twitter: @IPWatchdog

We agree with Gene Quinn over at IPWatchdog that Kevin Noonan, Donald Zuhn—both partners at Chicago’s McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff—and their team of contributors at Patent Docs are overdue for recognition in the IP category here. Quinn notes that the two “are true experts in the area of pharmaceutical and biotechnology patents. They write the leading blog in this very important niche space. It is widely read and highly regarded.”

We’ve consistently heard from readers like Chris Holly who check Patently-O daily to keep up on developments (and jobs) in patent law. “I’m a patent prosecutor and reading the blog every day keeps me up to speed with what is going on in the patent world,” wrote Holly, an associate with Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell and Berkowitz in D.C. Co-authors Dennis Crouch of the University of Missouri School of Law and Jason Rantanen of the University of Iowa also have guest posts by other patent practitioners “that are insightful,” Holly wrote. We were excited to see a “Patent Ethics” corner started by Mercer University law prof David Hricik, but sorry to see it go on hiatus during his clerkship.
Twitter: @patentlyo

Georgetown law professor Rebecca Tushnet covers the issues surrounding false advertising, copyright, commercial speech and more at her long-standing 43(B)log. Her pieces offer a variety of shorter, sometimes humorous observations or summaries of issues she spots, mixed with longer, thoughtful analysis of recent opinions. We especially enjoy her posts—often quick takes—on fan fiction and other works.
Twitter: @rtushnet

The Hollywood Reporter’s legal blog regularly gets exclusive scoops on breaking IP disputes going on behind the scenes of anxiously awaited films and your favorite TV shows. Other posts also cover celebrities’ contract and family law disputes as well as moves by entertainment law powerhouses.
Twitter: @thresq

Now you know where to go to learn things.  My personal endorsement from within this group, and my vote, is for Rebecca’s blog.  The thing has classic old-school production values, she doesn’t acknowledge hardly anyone or anything else out there, but she’s just about always right and super smart.

Good blogging

Flower son

I shouldn't have

[Updated] Congratulations to the authors of the following IP blogs that were recognized by the ABA Journal for being the best ones there were in 2010, even if they misdesignated one of them:

The last one, written by Eric Goldman and Venkat Balasubramani, was listed with the “Legal Tech” blogs.  You might think this implies that the editors didn’t even really read the damned blogs, but you’d be wrong.  I’m sure they just wanted to spread the wealth a bit and make the buckets about the same size.  So they put Eric in the bucket that seemed to match the blog title.  Similarly, THR, Esq., by Eriq Gardner, is listed as “for fun,” but I count that as an IP blog too, as most of today’s entertainment-related legal issues are more or less in that category.

No, really, I’m sure.  It’s not like last year’s ABA Blawg 100 train wreck:  These are very good blogs (well, there’s one on the list I’ve never looked it, but the rest I know are great), and Eric and Venkat’s three-peat is particularly impressive given how crowded this field has gotten.  You should read these every day and tell me what they say.

And though it’s off-topic, I can’t not mention the incredible run by Scott Greenfield — yup, named again in criminal law — whose blog is so good that he can say whatever he wants about the “beauty pageant” and still get named over and over.

Nice work!  No, really. 😉