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Likelihood of Reciprocation

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LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®’s “blogroll” policy has not really changed, even though LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® is bigger and better than ever, but it may be useful to clarify it, because I do get inquiries, and there have been some refinements.  Namely, ones that I just made up. And this blog is now “big” enough in our micro-sub-niche that it is reasonable to assume that some people might care to know what the rules are considering that, indeed, they ask us about linking.

  1. The basic rule is one of reciprocation: Any bona fide blog that puts LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® on its blogroll will be put on the blogroll here. You don’t have to be an IP blog, or even be very good. Non-bona-fide, of course, means pure spam blogs, commercial websites without real editorial content and those annoying link farms, whatever the heck they’re really called in webby lingo.
  2. There are exceptions to the bona-fide-reciprocation rule. If your blog uses a lot of four-letter words or other over-the-top NSFW content, I won’t link to you, no matter how brilliant you are. Also if your blog is clean as a whistle, but you’re a Nazi, or a particularly bad kind of Commie, no linkee. Hence your blog could come and go on the blogroll depending on how you’re behaving lately.
  3. I pretty much don’t respond to inquiries, whether from blog authors or their consultants or other hirelings, about “link exchanges,” in the blogroll or otherwise. If your blog is real and you link to LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® in your blogroll,* I will link to you in mine.  That doesn’t mean you can’t give me a head’s up that you’ve done so, however.
  4. On the other hand, if I add you but you show your utter lack of gratitude for the torrent of traffic that comes your way by going more than a month… or two… without adding content… goom-bye. The blogroll is for live websites. Luckily this is a forgiving policy because I don’t do as much maintenance as I ought to (or as certain people have promised they would help me do) and even then, if you reappear on the link radar screen, I welcome you back to your alphabetical space in the blogroll like the most prodigal of sons.
  5. Similarly, if you change your URL and the old one does not re-direct, obviously it’s up to you to let me know by sending an email to the-name-of-this-blog @ GMail. I know you care, after all, because you’ve read this far. Sometimes, after all, people get to your blog via my blog. Kind of thing.
  6. This is not a contract, for Heaven’s sake! This is my blog. It is mine. It is beautiful, and it is mine. I don’t have to link anybody and nobody has to link me. It’s all at my discretion. Mine, mine, mine! These are the rules I apply. In my discretion. Total, unfettered, arbitrary and capricious discretion.  No contract, no reliance, no jurisdiction, no NOTHING.  Talk to the hand.
  7. There is, of course, no seventh thing.

* Is it a “blogroll” if it’s not on the home page?  I am still thinking about that.  Let’s see if the one I just linked to results in any traffic this way.  That’s a scientific way to decide, isn’t it?

Weblog Awards are good

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The 2009 Weblog Awards

Look!  A big logo what you can link to!

If you think I should get one of these, you’re in a distinct minority.  But… maybe this year, a little less distinct?  Let’s see!  Anyway it’s a cool logo, and Kevin Aylward has done all the work.  The Law Blogs category is right here.

Man in the tweet

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Here are last week’s too, too topical tweets shared with my slavish devotees via @roncoleman:

That should feather your nest!

New quicklinks from Goldman

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Know what’s going on — the latest developments in trademark and domain name jurisprudence. Right here at Eric Goldman’s place! I was particularly intrigued by this:

* NYT: Can a Dead Brand Live Again? This article discusses the development of a secondary market for well-recognized but defunct brands. Says the market maker: “We’re taking consumers’ memories and starting entire businesses.”

A letter to a new lawyer

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In the form of Blawg Review!

Overlawyered, just-right-Blawg-Reviewed

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Walter Olson hosts this week’s Blawg Review:

Professional Courtesy

Professional Courtesy

Welcome to Blawg Review #220, rounding up some highlights of the past week from around the legal blogosphere. It’s my second time hosting it here at Overlawyered, a blog that as its name implies maintains a certain critical distance from many of the doings of the legal profession. Despite (or because of?) that, lawyers make up a large share of our most loyal and valued readers. Overlawyered just celebrated its tenth anniversary, which so far as I know (though someone may come along to prove me wrong) makes it the oldest blog about law.

With an introduction like that…!

The circle of life

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When it comes to legal blogging, there seems to be no shortage of writing worth reading once one gets around to it.

What’s that? You have no round tuit? My friend, you are fortunate indeed, for never before in human history have round tuits been so readily available. If you need one, Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. has them in stock.

Why pay retail, though, when Colin Samuels will give you a Round Tuit free!  If you read all the way to the bottom, he says nice things about me, and all because I once pulled a thorn out of his paw!

Eric Goldman’s Quick Links

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I’m so glad other people do roundup type stuff.  For me, it’s just too much work.

I’m even gladder when it’s guys like Eric Goldman! Here are his January 2008 Quick Links (IP Edition).

A head of the game

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It's all in your head

It’s all in your head

Says Ed:

Some ponder, “Are law blogs dying?” Others follow Blawg Review and know they’re not.

Or at least that the answer is … negotiable.  Hardly surprising, seeing as how the hostess this week is the Countess of Compromise, Victoria Pynchon herself, whose extremely deep Blawg Review is the first one I know of to feature a classic nephrology head!

More points than you get for FEES

Victoria, a legendary Blawg Review “sherpa” herself — as the remarkable neural density of this Blawg Review edition amply demonstrates — is also responsible for what I consider the best-ever graphic ever to appear on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, right here (at right).  So this is one Blawg Review to settle in with over cocoa and a nice board game as we enter one big dog of a nasty autumn.

Marty Schwimmer, old man of IP blogs, still alive

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The Trademark Blog Is Five Years Old (hat tip to Welch)! That’s the equivalent of 84 in blog years. I would never have thought he’d last this long when I first met Marty…

I was a raw recruit just being shipped to Da Nang. The year was 1969, the nasty old world was a lot crazier place than a kid from Brighton Beach could ever have dreamed, and my NCO was a grizzled, shaggy-haired Master Sergeant the other dogfaces called “Iron Hands” Schwimmer. My corporal, “Lucky” Leo Stoller, warned me to steer clear of the beady-eyed vet and his jealously-guarded, light-blue set of what the other recruits called, mysteriously, “McCarthy’s.” I soon was unlucky enough to learn why. Schwimmer didn’t just seem distant and standoffish — he was impossibly nasty, brutal beyond any trace of rationale, and he delighted in the acrid smell of battle. But no one could put together paper trademark app that could sail through the PTO like

No, it wasn’t quite like that.  How do I convey… hmm…

“You want the truth?” screamed Marty at the top of his lungs, throwing the drained cognac glass into the burning embers a full 20 feet across the room. “You can’t handle the truth!” he raged, veins popping in his forehead, the timid examining attorney cowering in the plaid wing-backed chair. Picking up the iron poker, Marty waved

No, never mind. You have to know him to love him. Congratulations, Marty!

UPDATE:   That was years ago, of course!  Thank God, Marty’s still alive, and well, and so is the Trademark Blog.

Regrets — I’ve had a few.

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 Eric Goldman reminds, “Blog in haste, regret at leisure.”

The thing speaks for itself

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Blawg Recenseo est procul Res Ipsa Blog! Latin speaker

NB (ut opes notabilis “note well“): Nos should totus have habeo Latin nomen pro nostrum blogs. Ut would restituo veneratio quod integrity ut professio , quod enhance publicus contemplor nobis.

Oops — forgot, you don’t speak Latin.  OK, here it is in the vernacular:

Blawg Review is at the Res Ipsa Blog!

NB (that means nota bene):  We should all have to have Latin names for our blogs.  That would restore honory and integrity to the profession, and enhance the public’s regard for us.