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Counterfeit Chic: Knockoff News 67

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Read it and laugh. Or cry. Definitely laugh or cry.

Then read this really good article on Counterfeit Chic which stands for the proposition that designers shouldn’t use their own names on their labels. Then laugh. Or, cry.

What’s new up North

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The Canadian Trademark Blog writes about three recent trademark decisions from the Canadian courts that readers may find of interest.

Knock it off!

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And if you do, you just might make the next Counterfeit Chic “Knockoff News.” (I did!)

Couture in Court

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Fabulous filings for fashionistas — and those who just want to look like them!

What is this?

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Why, its Blawg Review #92!  Pip pip pip and how-da-ya-do!

Eric E. Johnson, “The Backbencher”

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The Backbencher



This guy’s good.

Weblog Awards are good

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The 2009 Weblog Awards

Look!  A big logo what you can link to!

If you think I should get one of these, you’re in a distinct minority.  But… maybe this year, a little less distinct?  Let’s see!  Anyway it’s a cool logo, and Kevin Aylward has done all the work.  The Law Blogs category is right here.

For Sale: Cabbage Patch Dolls, Pet Rocks

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Aha! See, the Blog Herald is asking the same question I did: Is 2005 the “Year of the Blog Backlash”?

Yaakov Menken of Cross-Currents – and my [former law firm]’s Web host – asked me why I said that I was finally going to jump on the blogging bandwagon just as the wheels were beginning to wobble sickeningly. Well, this is the first time I’ve seen anyone validate that at all. (And Lord knows how terribly hard it is to validate whatever pops into your head on the Internet.)

Of course, I also said that about real estate 15 years ago…. ten years ago… five years ago…. Nonetheless, as I said below, if you think of it as a medium — and not a trend — I think you can’t go wrong.

I guess sooner or later we’ll know if we’re early adopters, Johnnies-come-lately or whatever it is that comes in the middle.

Marty Schwimmer, old man of IP blogs, still alive

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The Trademark Blog Is Five Years Old (hat tip to Welch)! That’s the equivalent of 84 in blog years. I would never have thought he’d last this long when I first met Marty…

I was a raw recruit just being shipped to Da Nang. The year was 1969, the nasty old world was a lot crazier place than a kid from Brighton Beach could ever have dreamed, and my NCO was a grizzled, shaggy-haired Master Sergeant the other dogfaces called “Iron Hands” Schwimmer. My corporal, “Lucky” Leo Stoller, warned me to steer clear of the beady-eyed vet and his jealously-guarded, light-blue set of what the other recruits called, mysteriously, “McCarthy’s.” I soon was unlucky enough to learn why. Schwimmer didn’t just seem distant and standoffish — he was impossibly nasty, brutal beyond any trace of rationale, and he delighted in the acrid smell of battle. But no one could put together paper trademark app that could sail through the PTO like

No, it wasn’t quite like that.  How do I convey… hmm…

“You want the truth?” screamed Marty at the top of his lungs, throwing the drained cognac glass into the burning embers a full 20 feet across the room. “You can’t handle the truth!” he raged, veins popping in his forehead, the timid examining attorney cowering in the plaid wing-backed chair. Picking up the iron poker, Marty waved

No, never mind. You have to know him to love him. Congratulations, Marty!

UPDATE:   That was years ago, of course!  Thank God, Marty’s still alive, and well, and so is the Trademark Blog.

To die for!

Counterfeit Chic logo

My own moments of snark notwithstanding–no, you don’t even get a link; if you missed it, then good–I am pleased to announce that the very bestest blog on fashion IP is back on track after an utterly inexcusable fashionable hiatus from posting: Susan Scafidi’s Counterfit Chic!

Now I have to go back to checking, but it will be a pleasure as I:

Oh there’s more, more, more, which is how we like it.  Get Counterfeit Chic back on your short list!