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Cleveland rocks!

Now I have been to Cleveland a couple of times and I can’t say I actually saw this rocking take place.  I mean, this whole “rocking” concept, frankly, eludes me, as most people who have made my acquaintance for more than a minute or two since the 1980’s will attest.

I’m fine with that!

Still and all, Cleveland will rock in the fullest intellectual property sense of the word next Monday night, when LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® presents at the March 2014 meeting of the Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Association!  Look, it says right here:

CIPLA March 2014 meeting - Ron Coleman CLE

I will be discussing questions raised by the pending appeal to the Federal Circuit in connection with the registration refusal by the PTO and TTAB of a trademark registration for THE SLANTS — not questions about free speech or ethnic identity, which anyone in a bar can and will opine about, but about:

  1. Whether there are, or should be, any guidelines governing the use of information about a mark’s use obtained and considered by an examining attorney beyond the four corners of an application to register a trademark, and
  2. Whether an individual applicant can, based on use of a mark at a given time in history regardless of how information about that use was obtained, be forever barred from registration because the use at that time was unacceptable.

I write more about all that here, for now.

RDC-greyDon’t worry, it will be short, and hopefully entertaining, and there will be other presentations and a talking judge and food.   Read More…