Whaddya know!

The Mustang Ranch trademark case has finally been resolved — and it turns out that prostitute proprietor Lance Gilman gets to claim the trademark for... Read more

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Jihadi Faux?

Counterfeit Chic reports that the world really does revolve around intellectual property! Last week in Maryland, a traffic stop yielded a cache of counterfeit Nike... Read more

PTO invents perpetual spam machine

Patently-O publishes a rather ambitious patent application that could actually make that mainstay of PTO rejection fodder, perpetual motion machines, look quite reasonable: “Chris Roller... Read more

Likelihood of Confusion Blog

Ode to the Code

Yehuda Berlinger, whose poetic version of the Lanham Act we linked to anon, also did the Copyright Act last summer.  Somehow I missed it, but... Read more