Lego my Trademark

Europe just keeps generating stories. Their IP system is different, you see, though the march toward harmonization in a global market continues apace. Evidently, Lego... Read more

How Tweet it is

A little topical tweeting music from the last few weeks via @roncoleman: @VBalasubramani: State of Israel buys @Israel Twitter acct from Isr. Melendez (porn pdxr)... Read more

Lego loses

We reported on Lego’s overreaching years ago here and here.  They tried to use trademark rights as a way to protect the design of their... Read more

Tweety Bird

Topical tweets

Here are some topical tweets by others of likely interest to LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® readers that I’ve passed along to members of my Twitter social... Read more

So shoe me!

Staci Riordan reports on the big shoe-vs.-shoe design lawsuit everyone’s talking about — invoking copyright plus one Lanham Act and two New York law varieties of... Read more