Oy vey

Consider the other side of the aggrieved vandalism promoter Shepard Fairey, of HOPE poster fame: Gawker: “Obey” Trademark Law: Some guy in Pittsburgh sells little... Read more

Likelihood of Confusion Blog

“Yes We Brand!”

Bloomberg News reports that “my generation”‘s President is every bit as thoroughly modern as you’d expect.  In other words, no unauthorized drawing down of his... Read more

Parody PETA Logo

PETA: Presumptuous Endorsement-Taking Advertisers

They’re back! Animal “rights” nutjob group and selective-intellectual-property-enforcer PETA has photoshopped a picture of (my dear, dear friend) Michelle Obama into an ad, creating an unauthorized endorsement... Read more

No joke

Noel Sheppard (via Insty) smells a rat: [T]he photo sharing website Flickr removed the Obama Joker picture that was later transformed into posters showing up in... Read more