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American Red Cross lands right cross against J&J

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Johnson & Johnson started it. The Red Cross wins it:

A federal judge last night ruled against Johnson & Johnson (J&J) in its suit to stop the American Red Cross from using the Red Cross emblem on first aid and other health and safety products sold to the public. The judge’s ruling represents a complete vindication of the right of the Red Cross charity to use its emblem or authorize others’ use of its emblem in the sale of products related to its mission. The money the Red Cross receives from the sale of these products is reinvested in its humanitarian programs and services.

Well, okay, that’s the Red Cross’s press release, anyway. Here‘s the opinion.

UPDATE: Good analysis from Ryan Gile.

UPDATED AND OVER:  Case settled.

Someone get these guys a bandage!

Judge Jed Rakoff, famous in the Southern District of New York for not wasting any (judicial) time, doesn’t waste any in the J&J / Red Cross case:

The judge granted a request by the American Red Cross to dismiss a claim in J&J’s lawsuit contending that the relief organization had promised not to engage in certain commercial activity, including licensing the red cross symbol to others and selling first-aid products in competition with J&J, according to court papers. J&J had sued American Red Cross in August over the use by the relief group and its partners of J&J’s trademark red cross logo on first aid kits, hand sanitizer and medical gloves sold to the public.

That has to leave a mark.

There’s no decision, just this order promising one.

UPDATE:  Here’s that opinion.