Suing bloggers for dollars

Originally posted 2011-12-05 10:40:50. Republished by Blog Post PromoterGlenn Reynolds links to a an article in Wired about a newspaper “chain”‘s — actually, lawyer Steve Gibson’s —... Read more

Righthaven Agonistes

Let us reflect a little on what Righthaven has wrought, so far.  Wired weighs in on the latest Righthaven woes: A federal judge ruled Monday... Read more


Clayton Cramer, via Insty, report on an unsurprising, but still dramatic, development in the Righthaven saga, which I tweeted about last night: From the ever... Read more


We wouldn’t that happening to you or to me.  So this week, while I am guest-blogging at Overlawyered, I will probably not have all that... Read more

Who are you to sue?

What’s the difference between standing — the right to seek judicial redress for an alleged wrong — in copyright and patent? Who else, besides someone... Read more