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Tweets for the sweet

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It’s been a couple of weeks, but then again no one was really out there anyway — here are the recent topical tweets I’ve shared with the vast subscribership of @roncoleman:

Storming over from Jersey

Random photo. I like pictures.

All good stuff, and this is easier than blogging, right?

Keeping it in reserve

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Writer's blog?

Writer's blog?

This week’s Blawg Review is from The Inspired Solo, who, tacitly acknowledging that all the good jokes have been taken — having taken quite a few of them herself — wisely advises saving the inspiration for more important things, after all.  Kind of the Blawg Review version of “the show about nothing”:

As with my last BR, I am once again eschewing the problematic notion of “themes.” The problem with themed blawg reviews is mainly one of oneupsmanship — somebody gets clever with the Shakespeare, then the next guy has to go all Dante on you, and the next thing you know, we’re struggling to get through an irreverently witty translation of Innocent the III’s De miseria conditionis humanae and, really, who needs that? Right. We just want the good stuff from the blawgs.

So that’s my “theme” — such as it is: a simple message from The Inspired Solo to tap your inspiration when you really need it, and don’t let the pressure to be creative, funny, clever, or — well, hell, anything, really — distract you from your true goal. That’s real inspiration.

Feeling inspired?  Me too!  So click through!

Likelihood of occlusion (or, Dragged down by the stone)

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Despite being unduly influenced virtually the whole time by narsty opoid medications so they could shut up my gallbladder till they yanked it out (warning – link not safe for lunch) – or, perhaps, precisely by virtue of that influence?* — these are the terrifickest tweets t’at was via @roncoleman last week:

Why on these retweets alone that’s plenty to crow about!  And my very own:

I never, never, never tire of John Welch’s @TTABlog though I never laugh at the TTAB. Thanks to this , I did, though:http://bit.ly/1oWcpN

So Twitter kept me with fowl of a feather for the week, but let’s face it, hospitals are for the birds.  Anyway, I’m back on my perch and will be getting those early worms, or whatever those people do who get up too fast, as usual!

* See, @GuyKawasaki: How sleep deprivation hurts your brain http://om.ly/Zdif.

1600 tweets, and whaddya get?

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Here’s what I’ve got the last couple of weeks, in terms of tweety things.  This is as good a way to focus on and round up topical developments as any, I say–short of Blawg Review, which, by the way, is hosted by the IP Kat this week and is a must-read.

But here’s my selection, lightly annotated, of my recent 140-character expression via @roncoleman:

That should be plenty for now.  Gotta fly.

How many points is INFRINGEMENT?

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We had been wondering who had the “Z.” Now the other tile drops, and probably right onto a triple word score — Hasbro, owner of the SCRABBLE trademark, has sued Scrabulous (complaint here; exhibits here):

The general manager for digital media and gaming at Hasbro said yesterday that the company had waited until there was a “legal” version of Scrabble on Facebook before it took action against the Scrabulous creators.

The lawsuit, filed in a US district court in New York, accused Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla – two software developers based in Calcutta – of violating Hasbro’s copyright and trademarks. Facebook was not named as a defendant.

Neither brother nor any representative from their web design company, RJ Softwares, could immediately be reached for comment today.

More here. The complaint is not online yet.* We’ll try to keep you posted.

UPDATE:  For what it’s worth — maybe, someday, my descendants will read this — I just remembered that my first-ever trademark research project as a paid legal professional was as a summer associate at Kaye, Scholer, where I was assigned to research a question involving some aspect of the Scrabble trademarks on behalf of client Selchow & Righter, which had then recently been purchased by Coleco and owned the rights to Scrabble before Hasbro bought them out of bankruptcy.  Of course the nature of the research I did is still confidential… even to me.  But I can say confidently that in the summer of 1987, it did not involve Scrabulous.

UPDATE:  The offending “app” is now gone from Facebook, while a thousand utterly idiotic — but non-infringing — ones live on!

UPDATE:  Victoria Pynchon does the heavy lifting:

If Player 1 opens with “fringe” (double word) for 24 points; Player 2 follows by slapping an “i” on the triple word score followed by an “n” for “infringe” and 33 points; and, Player 1 responds with “ment” for 19 points, the combined score for “infringement” is 75 points. Our readers can do the math and moves on “trademark” and copyright.”

UPDATE:  And… what ever did happen to Scrabulous, you ask?

* Even though, like all District Courts, the Southern District of New York, which describes itself as the Mother of District Courts, has mandatory electronic filing, you have to file the initial pleading or case-opening document in person, then go back, scan the file and mail it back to the clerk. If t They filed on Thursday the 24th;  the complaint should be was online some time Monday or Tuesday.

Likelihood of Reciprocation

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LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®’s “blogroll” policy has not really changed, even though LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® is bigger and better than ever, but it may be useful to clarify it, because I do get inquiries, and there have been some refinements.  Namely, ones that I just made up. And this blog is now “big” enough in our micro-sub-niche that it is reasonable to assume that some people might care to know what the rules are considering that, indeed, they ask us about linking.

  1. The basic rule is one of reciprocation: Any bona fide blog that puts LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® on its blogroll will be put on the blogroll here. You don’t have to be an IP blog, or even be very good. Non-bona-fide, of course, means pure spam blogs, commercial websites without real editorial content and those annoying link farms, whatever the heck they’re really called in webby lingo.
  2. There are exceptions to the bona-fide-reciprocation rule. If your blog uses a lot of four-letter words or other over-the-top NSFW content, I won’t link to you, no matter how brilliant you are. Also if your blog is clean as a whistle, but you’re a Nazi, or a particularly bad kind of Commie, no linkee. Hence your blog could come and go on the blogroll depending on how you’re behaving lately.
  3. I pretty much don’t respond to inquiries, whether from blog authors or their consultants or other hirelings, about “link exchanges,” in the blogroll or otherwise. If your blog is real and you link to LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® in your blogroll,* I will link to you in mine.  That doesn’t mean you can’t give me a head’s up that you’ve done so, however.
  4. On the other hand, if I add you but you show your utter lack of gratitude for the torrent of traffic that comes your way by going more than a month… or two… without adding content… goom-bye. The blogroll is for live websites. Luckily this is a forgiving policy because I don’t do as much maintenance as I ought to (or as certain people have promised they would help me do) and even then, if you reappear on the link radar screen, I welcome you back to your alphabetical space in the blogroll like the most prodigal of sons.
  5. Similarly, if you change your URL and the old one does not re-direct, obviously it’s up to you to let me know by sending an email to the-name-of-this-blog @ GMail. I know you care, after all, because you’ve read this far. Sometimes, after all, people get to your blog via my blog. Kind of thing.
  6. This is not a contract, for Heaven’s sake! This is my blog. It is mine. It is beautiful, and it is mine. I don’t have to link anybody and nobody has to link me. It’s all at my discretion. Mine, mine, mine! These are the rules I apply. In my discretion. Total, unfettered, arbitrary and capricious discretion.  No contract, no reliance, no jurisdiction, no NOTHING.  Talk to the hand.
  7. There is, of course, no seventh thing.

* Is it a “blogroll” if it’s not on the home page?  I am still thinking about that.  Let’s see if the one I just linked to results in any traffic this way.  That’s a scientific way to decide, isn’t it?

The DO’s & DON’Ts of Fashion Lawyers’ Advertising

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Tomorrow night TONIGHT (October 24th) at Fordham Law School I will be speaking on a panel with fashion lawyers Bernice K. Leber of Arent FoxTed Max of Sheppard Mullin and Jeff Trexler of Fordham about “Fashion Lawyers’ Advertising.”  It’s “a Fashion Law Ethics & Professionalism CLE program”!  The distinguished panel will discuss “strategies for maintaining professional standards while promoting a practice in this newly defined and growing field.”

DATE: Tuesday, October 24, 2012
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
PLACE: Fordham Law School, 140 W. 62nd Street, Room 430 B/C

Click here to register if you’re a lawyer.  Click here to register if you’re something else.  Don’t ask, just click.

I am going to really have to be a “fashion lawyer” for this, I think.  I presume that means I will have to wear something nice.  Or extra nice!

And, of course, this is the “advertising.”  Seems ethical and professional, no?

We can discuss it tomorrow night, uptown.  See you there!

Tweets of the week

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'must be high'

Last week’s utterly unmissable topical tweets via @roncoleman:

  • RT @ptolawyer: The TM case that won’t go away – Redskins case on way to SCOTUS: http://bit.ly/BJoq6 — See my http://bit.ly/P4NA3
  • RT @gfiremark Veoh wins copyright case, YouTube’s lawyers cheer http://bit.ly/3V2dpC
  • RT @MegLG: Patent Troll Tracker defamation case goes to trial –http://ow.ly/pxXp (My original coverage herehttp://digg.com/u1CcVV)
  • RT @InternetLaw Ninth Circuit Groaner About Metatags–Art Attacks v. MGA http://tinyurl.com/qlqh9c
  • “It’s not even a close call,” said Jerald Fritz, Politico’s general counsel. “Brand and names are essential for… http://bit.ly/3Qj7K5
  • Now, fly like the wind!

    Man in the tweet

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    Here are last week’s too, too topical tweets shared with my slavish devotees via @roncoleman:

    That should feather your nest!

    Click me

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    Clean playgrounds

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    mr_softee.jpgMySpace walks the thin line between being an arm of the law and being a heel:

    Popular Internet social network MySpace said on Monday it reached an accord with eight U.S. state attorneys general and has worked out a legal mechanism to hand over information on convicted sex offenders found on its service.

    Part of the dispute with legal authorities was over the term “deletion” of profiles, MySpace officials said. Although the service has deleted the profiles from MySpace, information is collected in its database for law enforcement, Angus said.

    I’d like the name of the guy responsible for MySpace’s user interface, actually. Talk about offenders.

    UPDATE:  I don’t know why I used a Mr. Softee face here.  I, too, am deeply sorry.

    Semi-monthly off the wall tweets

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    MLK federal courthouse, Newark
    Here’s what I have been chirping about lately:

    Yes, a big couple of weeks for copyright to followers of the profound @roncoleman 140-gauge stream–but that Apple decision this week does bring up the rear nicely on trademark news.  Either way, it’s good to hang around smart people, because contrary to popular belief to the contrary, it can make you look smart, too!

    Have a great weekend!