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In like a lion – This March on Twitter

I can’t remember the last time I rounded up recent topical Twitter tweets via this blog’s likely2confuse feed, and I’m not even going to try to backfill that far.  But here’s a bunch to catch all of us up a bit on some of last month’s highlights (March 2016):

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Tweets of the week

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'must be high'Last week’s utterly unmissable topical tweets via @roncoleman:

Now, fly like the wind!


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Some people, it seems.  You know what I mean.

Instapundit Twitter FeedInstapundit Glenn Reynolds mentioned casually to ten or a hundred thousand of his closest friends that he was having the darndest time freeing up his INSTAPUNDIT® trademark so that it could be used — by him — as a Twitter username.

Well he, with the help of Nina “No Stuffy Lawyers” Yablok — and, of course, more than a few of those friends all a-swarm — got it done.

The real problem, of course, is that for the most of the rest of us, there’s a real problem.  It went, originally, like this: Read More…


Archer & Greiner

Hackensack, NJ office of Archer & Greiner, PC

It’s been pretty busy for me since I moved to Archer & Greiner, PC, so I haven’t blogged all that much lately.  And, after all, blogging is dead anyway, except for maybe 25 or so blogs, right?

Well, at least there’s microblogging, which I’ve tried to keep doing on Twitter.  As it turns out, I drive 20 minutes to work now instead of spending an hour or two a day on buses or trains.  The down side of that lifestyle improvement is that I used to do most of my topical tweeting while commuting,  But what’s still here is, I hope you’ll agree, pretty choice.

You may have missed some good stuff, in fact, from the @likely2confuse Twitter feed over the last few months.  Excluding tweets about the appeal regarding THE SLANTS trademark (because, you know, enough already), here’s some the stuff I broadcast about trademark, copyright and related topics recently — there’s actually so much that I think you’d like, if you read LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, that I had to limit this post to the best of what I tweeted in May of this year (2015):

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The tweetest thing

Here’s your chance to catch up on some of the microblogging — i.e., intelligent retweeting, the highest form of Twitter —  of topical relevance I did in December 2011 and January 2012 via @roncoleman:

Yes, that’s me:  Following the soft-IP tweets so you don’t have to!

Twitter showers bring May followers?

Blooms, Essex County Hall of RecordsAnyway, here’s my periodic update of topical tweets via my @roncoleman Twitter feed.  Get with it!

Now look at the picture.

Topical tweets

Here are some topical tweets by others of likely interest to LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® readers that I’ve passed along to members of my Twitter social network in the last couple of weeks:

There.  Now you’re all caught up!  Stay caught up by following me (Ron Coleman!) on Twitter @roncoleman.

Twitter experience

Cleveland airport decorThis was a mighty busy month over at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® — the lawyer, not the blog — meaning there wasn’t as much blogging as there might otherwise be, but those who follow my twitter feed (@roncoleman) could sleep at night, assured that I knew all kinds of things that other people said, and this would make it okay.  Something.

It’s a shame that in this era of micro-blogging, linking to other peoples’ blogs is all but dead.  But not at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®.  Here are November’s (and the last couple of days of October’s) “best of” retweets in the topical-to-this-blog category and, as always, links to the blogs where the real story is:

You don’t have to thank me.

Cream of tweets

After the depositionYes, it’s time again for filler my hand-picked selection of the last few weeks’ topical Twitter traffic transmitted via @roncoleman.com.  Click these links and you’ll be every bit up to speed on all there is to know:

That is all!  Please send the transcript expedited.

The LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® Twitter manifesto

The authors of many of the blogs I read that are topically related to this one now use Twitter.  So do a lot of other people, and mostly they seem to talk about Twitter. They not only fail to recognize this as a problem, but I have even seen evangelists point to it as as something to be excited about. (I wrote more about this here so I won’t do it again.)   Even more disheartening is getting tweets from people I otherwise respect telling me to go to such-and-such site and get 400 new followers “free,” presumably merely by promising to spam my existing followers with the same message. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

But I have learned how to meticulously add to the list of those I follow so that the vast majority of my (limited) tweeting time is spent on tachlis.  My new and improved understanding of how to constructively utilize that flighty medium is not simply to  maximize the number of people who will call themselves your “followers” in exchange for either automated reciprocity or some other trick that adds to their “followers” count, with no regard to whether this dumb audience cares about your feed.  The tweets I send are overwhelmingly either blog posts or re-tweets of blog posts that I believe will be of interest to those who are following me presumably because they are interested in the things I already write about.

Twitter, in other words, is — as far as I can see — potentially useful only as a device for targetting narrowcasting of what you have to offer to an audience that cares.  It is not the big schmear.  To the extent my feed audience grows it will, I hope, be because more and people who read this blog (or my other one, which I know is not necessarily an ideal match) are either subscribing to it via Twitter or are among those colleagues and, of course, prospective clients or referral sources who “get it.”

All that was by way of introduction to the following:  By virtue of this shift in media, noteworthy posts that once became posts here, either with a minimum of commentary or at least a riff, are now being “retweeted” by me — hence delivering value to my topically-oriented followers — but are frequently no longer making it to the big time.  “The big time,” of course, is defined as a link on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®.

Well, that ain’t right. So following this post, which by the time I wrote it appeared to be worthy of its own slot, you will find the first of what will probably be a weekly roundup of the last week’s by LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®* topical trademark tweets.  Copyright, too, and whatever else I write about here, but that would have ruined the alliteration.  You can follow the links directly to the blog posts in question, so you need not be a twit yourself to benefit — though you may want to consider it.

* Which is me.  Unlike some of my bloggy friends, some of whom are pictured here, the blog doesn’t have an eponymous Twitter feed, much less one Twitter feed for the blog and one for the man.   LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® is me,  and I am it.  I am diluted enough as it is!