The seven horsemen of the Ablawgalypse

I hadn’t picked up on this — as part of its “ABA 100” story, the ABA Journal published brief profiles of the seven “revolutionaries” of law blogging, as they see it:

All good choices. One thing I find noteworthy: Only one of them (Goldstein) works for a major law firm (though probably most or many of them have, at one time or another). I wish I had the time to run down the whole ABA 100. I suspect the big firms are way under-represented, especially considering the obsession with Big Law at publications such as American Lawyer.

Why? It’s not just because running a good legal blog is time-consuming. It’s because blogging well on a real topic requires independence of mind, a distinct style, strong opinions and willingness to stick out — not a good combination at all for success in institutional corporate law firms. Believe me.

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