It started like this:

It then went here:

If you’re at all interested in these things — unlikely, based on the (non-)responses from followers of @likely2confuse, but it’s my blog — you can follow the story here (that is, via the thread beginning at this embedded tweet):

It ended a day later. No explanation. Once authorized to assist by the Politburo, the Twitter support people were supportive and kind.

As long as it doesn’t happen to you, it’s not a thing, I’m sure. And of course, it could never happen to you.

By Ron Coleman

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6 thoughts on “16 hours in Twitter purgatory”
  1. So maybe it truly was a technical glitch or a bug or a snafu, emphasis on the “f” in snafu. But, I’m not Ever getting comfortable in my Twitter life. They are in the rug pulling business.

  2. The hair trigger for sidelining conservatives couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with tamping the groundswell of support for #StandWithCovington and distracting from the fact that HuffPo “coincidentally” disbanded their opinion page, a loser for years, just as the potential for lawsuits got very real….


    1. It was an oddly high-pitched moment for that to happen — right after I gained 1,000 followers in about 36 hours.

      On the other hand, that is indeed “unusual activity.” But, come on.

  3. It is quite funny that you can tell someone on twitter to delete their account, and if anyone else responds back to your comment regarding that you just block them. That is not a very productive way to broaden your community.

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