Apple trademark rumors mean something to someone

Monitoring domain name and trademark registrations is a pastime for some folks who like to prognosticate about what big companies are likely to do with those juicy intellectual property rights.

Monitoring Google stories about trademarks is a somewhat less boring task that Likelihood of Confusion has taken on to enlighten your eyes and, really, your entire life.

Well, the Google hits have been coming in hot and heavy on this story, so finally have to accede popular will and at least pass this along:

Apple trademark feeds the iPhone rumor mill | | CNET
Apple Computer’s filing last week of a trademark application on the term “Mobile Me,” has refueled speculation among analysts and bloggers alike about the possible launch of the company’s own iPod mobile phone.

Even Motorola CEO Ed Zander, weeks after his company last September announced the Rokr cell phone with iTunes software, said Apple would be making its own phone. “It’s just a matter of time,” he said.

But the trademark application, which covers everything from cellular to mobile services including digital music, has got people talking again.

I don’t really like to talk about Apple that much because so many other people do it so well, but this may be the biggest trademark-filing-as-market-predictor story yet — so it’s of interest here. Isn’t it?

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