From the Avvo Blog:

[W]e threw together this auto-updating list of over 300 legal blogs ordered by their Alexa traffic ranking.

Now you can:

– Know who has the most popular legal blog based on objective, third-party data.

– Understand why blogs rank where they do.

– Track changes every weekday.

OK, I might skip a weekday or two.  But it is an interesting list.  They listed 369 law blogs and acknowledge that some are left out because they resolve to sub-domains, which confuses Alexis.

Oh, sure, LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® is on the list.  Silly.  Of course.

Oh, you want to know the rank?  Oh, 75th.  Come on, no one cares. I think among IP blogs this one is probably in the top 10 on that list ok?  Right in that sweet spot, no problem.

Hey, there are some very interesting blogs on that list, too.  And… hmm.

You know, I’m always particularly interested in really slick, well-designed law firm blogs with the contact phone number right up top that rank really close to mine… yeah, they have blogrolls… and don’t link to a single law blog you ever heard of.  Almost as if they only link to blogs that are also customers of the consultant that really “does” their blog– let’s say, for example, an outfit such as Justia Legal Marketing Solutions. Or something. Which is entirely their right to do, and hey, look at that Alexis ranking!  Of course it’s our right not to link to such prepackaged presentations, too, no matter what they say, but who cares about the spirit of the Internet and all that — it’s every man for himself!

Interesting.  Hey, great list.  Alexis rankings, cool!

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By Ron Coleman

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5 thoughts on “Avvo ranks us”
  1. Ron,

    Thanks for the observation about that certain other site. I think I need to update the blog links on my own blog now as a show of support for my fellow trademark bloggers who work hard to create their own content and who don’t need to rely upon prepackaged content.

  2. Yes, that would certainly be a good thing to do, wouldn’t it?

    The fact is there is nothing illegal, immoral or fattening about buying a blog package from some outfit to help drive business your way. But it is hard to believe it’s a sustainable strategy. I think if you don’t project a distinct voice along with genuine — i.e., your own — competence and, ideally, some level of authoritativeness, you’re not really “building brand.”

    I guess I was taken aback by those blogrolls, though. It’s like an alternative universe. But don’t Alexis rankings speak the truth? I don’t know — search engine traffic is what it is, and how sticky can a prepackaged blog be?

    I guess we’ll see.

  3. The list stemmed from an actual need here to figure out what legal blogs we ought to be following. We thought we would share with everyone else.

    1. I think the list is helpful and informative. The metrics are what they are. I do find it very interesting, though, to see how they can be gamed in the short term by blogs that I think — and I say this with my world-famous modesty — can fairly be described as absolutely obscure. My observation about how they in turn blogroll only similarly obscure but affiliated blogs is certainly no reflection on Avvo, which as you know, Shalini, I dig as Avvo digs me! 😉

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