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Above the Law reports:

Belluck & Fox is a nine-attorney law firm in Manhattan. The firm worked out a deal with the radio station that broadcasts New York Yankees games, making it the official legal sponsor of Yankee radio broadcasts.

The folks at Belluck & Fox must have misread the contract though. They took the sponsorship a bit too far and transformed their HomeRunLegal.com site into a bonanza of Yankee paraphenalia, calling themselves the team’s official legal sponsor:

The site featured a photo of Yankee Stadium, a baseball emblazoned with the firm’s name, and a clipboard listing “Today’s Lineup” with such power hitters as “Mesothelioma & Asbestos Compensation,” “Car and Motorcycle Accident Claims,” and “Construction Accidents.” Festooned with the Yankees logo, it claimed the firm was the “official legal sponsor” of the Bronx Bombers.

This, as the appellate courts say, was error. Weren’t the terms of the “sponsorship” spelled out in the “sponsorship agreement”? Well, as the item says, they’re not that kind of lawyer. I am sure they are doing just fine.

Evidently, however, the kinder, gentler post-George Yankees were happy to resolve the matter with a simple phone call — meaning obviously the goons from MLB’s IP-obsessed front office were kept on the bench. (Via Overlawyered.)

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