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Dooney's pattern

Dooney’s pattern

Remember Vuitton v. Dooney? It’s over. Reports the Shiny Style blog:

A judge ruled in favor of Dooney & Bourke in the trademark dispute involving their “It Bag” monogram . . . and the Louis Vuitton Monograme Multicolore collection.

Louie's pattern

Louie’s pattern

The judge implied it was less a case of infringement as the fact that Vuitton didn’t like Dooney & Bourke cashing in on a trend LV started.

Also covered in New York mag and probably all over, by now. Here’s the opinion.


  • Kind of surprising that Vuitton took it this far — they lost virtually every battle in this war.

    One thing which I always wondered about is why Vuitton did not bring a copyright claim (the Murakami design is akin to a fabric design) and whether it could have prevailed on such a claim. The DB deisnged looks awfully like a derivative work which copied the basic design but adapted it to use DB trademarks insteand of LV trademarks.

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