A sideways thank-you to the boys at Blogads for naming an old, fuzzy ad of ours [Update:  Like the law firm, the link is gone; their site’s redesigned; but the ad is below], which actually linked to my law firm website and not the blog (there was no blog then), one of the best miscellaneous ads on Blogads for purposes of demonstrating how you can use Blogads.

Well, they’re right about that much. We’re masters of the medium here. Can you do better than this — a reference on the Meisterblog itself to a Blogad by the Perfesser hisself?

This ad swung the 2004 election to Bush; I’m still waiting for the flowers from Mr. Rove.

Blogads is in for some competition, as you may have picked up and, of course, expected. They have a lot going for them, though. Their service is easy to use, although I am looking forward to what I hope will be a new release, soon, of their somewhat clunky interface. You can still get Blogads on some decently well-tread blogs for cheap. (Instapundit zoomed out of my range a while ago, even if he has given a little back price-wise since then.) I believe I was among the first bloggers to advertise a blog in a Blogad, though Henry Copeland might be able to correct me on that (and maybe when he does we’ll talk about his trademark!).

But if you do have something to say once your great ad gets ’em there (sorry, ZuDfunck)– and if you know how to write good copy, which not everyone does, to get clicks in the first place — it can really help with traffic and with establishing a “presence” in the Blogosphere. For us relatively late movers, hoping to find an uninhabited microniche, it’s not a shabby idea.

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