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Or Beethoven’s birthday — either way, this is the time of year when, without prejudice to new posts that may bubble to the surface as the torrid flow of events dictates (wow!), I run the “best” of the previous year’s posts through New Year’s Day.

The “best” posts are chosen by an algorithm.  A proprietary algorithm, see.  Proprietary means a genius, like Beethoven for example, figured it.  Composed it, you might say.  (Scroll down to read ’em.)

“Best” and “longest” are not correlated 100% under this algorithm, incidentally.  But they are correlated.  (In a proprietary manner.)

Why do I do this at the end of December every year since you can remember?

Because, as lawyers know, there’s not much doing lawyer-wise  this time of year.  It’s an ancient and, I might add, highly proprietary tradition of recognized by bench and bar alike, except where prohibited.

So you might think that would leave me more time to write posts!  And you would be correct.  But I would be writing them mainly for myself, I learned, as I saw late December traffic trail off consistently year after year.  For some reasons lawyers don’t read trademark law blogs while they’re skiing — probably a good idea, all things considered, both for them and for the state of intellectual property law.

Maintaining his composure

Now wait a minute!, you emit.  Don’t you recycle old posts at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® anyway?  Why not just write new ones and eventually they’ll just get regurgitated?

No genius would ask that question.  But, patiently, I will explain.

For some not-insignificant period of time during the early days of this blog (now scant weeks away from its ninth anniversary), I was in fact writing mainly for myself.  Not all prodigies are discovered so fast!

And prodigious as they were, it turns out that quite a few of the posts I wrote back then were  not too bad (i.e., not too short).  So by republishing them via Old Post Promoter, I am enabling a new “generation” to enjoy “vintage”  LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® posts for the same price as regular membership.

But that was fine for my starving-blogger period.  Now, however, I write to a full house or not at all!  So we recycle within the annual cycle, too.  Hence this advice.

Oh, what do I mean by a “full house”?

That is proprietary information — which I am sure is how birthday-boy von Beethoven would answer too.  If he heard the question.

Dah-dah-dah DAAH!

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