Trebor Lloyd introduces copyright law for non-lawyers. A little breezy, yes, but far be it from me to criticize a man for that. I like his writing presentation and his smile. He’s the founder of a record company, I think, is Trebor Lloyd — perhaps it is City Canyon Records, even. Here, look:

Trebor Lloyd, founder and CEO of City Canyons Records, is a New York based attorney with over a dozen years experience in copyright, trademark, right of publicity and other intellectual property issues ranging from transactional experience to lead counsel at trials.

There you go, then. It appears that is introduction is part of a series called “Trebor’s Bite-Sized Bits” — okay, a little behind the curve on the computing puns — but if there is a way to navigate or link to them I haven’t figured it out. Still, I like it. There can’t be enough public education on what the basic game pieces of intellectual property are and Big T (there is no actual size information on the website) seems to have a handle on how to express it.

By Ron Coleman

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