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John Welch:

Marty Schwimmer’s Trademark Blog turns six years old this month. Marty is the grandfather of trademark blogging. I’m not sure who the grandmother is.

Well, I didn’t even know six years was three generations in trademark blogging years! Is that like Moore’s Law for niche blogging? (Kind of an ironic statement, though, for John Welch. I mean, come on, if anyone of us around here looks like a grandpa! He probably even has a pipe.)

Marty deserves beaucoup huzzahs, of course. Few people realize he not only invented the concept of blogging about trademark law and did everything he could to support and nurture fresh-faced young rookies such as LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, but that he also conceived the entire left hand home row of the QWERTY keyboard that made our sport possible. Of course, every schoolchild knows about Marty’s more famous inventions — the electric cattle prod, L-DOPA, and of course the Franklin Stove — but to me, the typing thing is pretty fundamental for blogging.

Not too shabby a mid-career change for a thrice-decorated Navy SEAL! Keep up the good work, Marty!

By Ron Coleman

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