Attorney Scott Wolfe, flush with victory, sends along this update on the Louisiana lawyer advertising rules I blogged about last fall, when I said, “Get that?  According to this, everything posted online by a Louisiana lawyer — and God help a Web 2.0-oriented shop such as Wolfe or, say, LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®â€” has to be run past a Louisiana oldlaw censor at $175 a pop!  Even assuming it isn’t bounced, that’s a lot of pops per pixel.”  The judge, it seems, agreed:

On Monday, federal Judge Martin Feldman declared unconstitutional Louisiana’s new regulations of attorney advertising on the Internet.

Scott Wolfe Jr. and Wolfe Law Group, who practice construction law in New Orleans, Louisiana, challenged the new lawyer advertising regulations as they applied to the Internet. Wolfe argued the regulations failed to consider the differences between television and Internet advertising, and regulated Internet ads without a need.

More here from the ABA Journal, and here’s the opinion.

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