Call for submissions: Blawg Review of Lights

Mosaic Law mural and staircase, Queens Supreme CourtLIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® is hosting the upcoming Blawg Review, which, like this blog, is not nearly as good as it was this year, but which will always be special to us here.  As Ed mentions, we were the brains behind Blawg Review #2 back in the days of old, but we’re rededicating ourselves to kindling a — no, wait.  We don’t want to use up all the puns early.

Because the theme is Chanuka.  (What a coincidence.  It’s almost as if he purposely invited us to — no, couldn’t be.)  Anyway, if you are a law blogger or otherwise have posted something special this week that you believe may brighten these dark winter solstace days for people who read law blogs, don’t go and pull something trying to fit it into our theme.  Send it right along here by email, or Twitter, or submit the old fashioned way, and let LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® do the tailoring.  We’re dedicated to making this Blawg Review a bright one (oof!).

By Ron Coleman

I write this blog.

One thought on “Call for submissions: Blawg Review of Lights”
  1. Hi Ron!

    Thank you for commenting on my article, “What Every Blogger Should Know about Trademark Law.” I love your blog and have been reading it for sometime.

    When I said you can register a blog’s design, I did mean logo, i.e., drawings or designs that identify the trademark. On my blog, IPLAW101, I do discuss common law trademark rights; types of marks that can not obtain registration (generic or highly descriptive marks) and the difference between copyrights and trademarks. This piece was done solely to answer some basic questions I have been asked by bloggers. I agree with you that trademark registration can be an expensive long process, but considering the explosion of new media and the potential to conduct business as a blogger, I think the pros outweigh the cons. In addition, trademark infringement is rampant on the internet. So statutory protections afforded registered trademarks is highly desirable and recommended.

    Thank you again for commenting on this article. I love your work!

    In addition, I do want to participate in the Blawg Review. I will submit my piece via email.


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