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Matter meets Antimatter

“Can you dilute your own brand?” asked the person who sent me the link to… to… to THIS.

Sure, of course; the question is asked every day.  In fact Rebecca Tushnet asked it a couple of weeks ago (speaking of Coke containers!).  And I answered it for her, of course (though she probably didn’t notice, of course).

So, is the end nigh, because of …. this?  You have to admit, it is scary, at least to us old-fashioned types.

I do know this:  Once the phrase “dogs and cats living together” expressed a concept of a world gone awry that most, well, regular people understood well (video for those who came in late):

But what in the nature of what was once understood as an unnatural combination is clear these days?

All I’m sure of is that everything we know is wrong.  And how the above fits into all that…  Yes, I think it’s sick!  SICK!

But who am I to say?

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