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Verizon chat screenWe don’t have TV here.

But let’s say I’m willing to spring for a few bucks because someone is at my house who would like to watch the Yankees – Red Sox game on the Internet.  Which is, after all, like a TV, right?

So, great.  I have FiOS Internet and phone from Verizon.  They also offer TV through the same fiber.  I know this because they offer it hard; and they offer it often.

As it happens, earlier this evening I’d upgraded the FiOS Internet to higher speeds for just ten bucks, and I even got an email saying that my “request” was “complete,” even though the speeds still seem pretty much the same, but hey, that’s Verizon; you can’t really take them too literally, after all.  They’re pretty much the government.

But ok, whatever.  Can I get the ball game or not?

Well:  Topical relevance, right?  It’s this:

Interested in technology, brands, customer service, computers?

Then you’ll love my chat with Verizon (heads up, BTW; in the chat I got the up/down speeds scrambled).

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One thought on “My chat with Verizon”
  1. I strongly suspect that “sophie” is an expert system, and not an actual person sitting at the other end. (Or perhaps a person monitoring several dozen expert system conversations in case they need to intervene.)

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