Wall of ChinaWe’ve been following the domestic story of when trademarks hurt. (And get ready for this one, homey!) But we’re not the only sensitive ones out there, even if those sophisticated Europeans are beyond trademark offense. The Hindu News explains that the Chinese government is hurt, offended, and its ego dented by a European trademark for NOT MADE IN CHINA — a mark that will have virtually no application within about five years, but never mind that. Explains the article:

The trademark of “Not made in China” is apparently an act of discrimination against Chinese products. “Since the trademark is based on intangible asset, such a mark will bring negative impact on the reputation of China-made products,” the leading official paper ‘People’s Daily’ said on its website.

We know the Chinese government is sensitive. But can’t they just pay Google to make it go away?

UPDATE:  More here.

By Ron Coleman

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