mr_softee.jpgMySpace walks the thin line between being an arm of the law and being a heel:

Popular Internet social network MySpace said on Monday it reached an accord with eight U.S. state attorneys general and has worked out a legal mechanism to hand over information on convicted sex offenders found on its service.

Part of the dispute with legal authorities was over the term “deletion” of profiles, MySpace officials said. Although the service has deleted the profiles from MySpace, information is collected in its database for law enforcement, Angus said.

I’d like the name of the guy responsible for MySpace’s user interface, actually. Talk about offenders.

UPDATE:  I don’t know why I used a Mr. Softee face here.  I, too, am deeply sorry.

By Ron Coleman

LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION blog author Ron Coleman is a member of Dhillon Law Group in their New York City and Montclair, New Jersey offices. He is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law and Princeton University.