Cobranding hell — New York, 42nd Street at Third Avenue

Cobranding hell
Is it a coffee shop with armed guards? A decaffeinated bank?

In fact it’s a bank next to a coffee shop, and they seem to share an entrance (though not hours).  The windows alternate the trademarks of North Fork Bank and Starbucks, one of about six Starbucks shops in a three-square-block radius.

Is this a cure for trademark over-saturation? An attempt to make North Fork Bank seem funky, artsy, thoughtful?

Or is it just a coffee shop next to a bank?

By Ron Coleman

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4 thoughts on “Cobranding hell — New York, 42nd Street at Third Avenue”
  1. Yeah, alternating the trademarks does not make sense for me. Maybe they thought this was the only way to make the customers know that they’re sharing a door. However, an additional sign directing customers should be enough…

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