Complaint challenging New York City’s BLM “Mural”

Filed this morning, despite ECF’s best efforts to stop me (which is why there’s no header – the case “opening” took place at around 11 last night but ECF couldn’t upload my document until well after midnight!).


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UPDATE: Amended complaint filed Monday, July 27th and then re-filed on the 28th for reasons.

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13 thoughts on “Complaint challenging New York City’s BLM “Mural””
  1. Our streets paid for by all citezens tax dallors should not be used for a one sided political advertisement.

  2. ew politicians have made the commitment to BLM more central to their work in government that the Mayor of the City of New York, defendant Bill De Blasio, who is a Democrat

    that = ‘than’?

    is this a rough draft?

      1. As well you should!

        A law that apply to some clams but not to others is a hardly a law at all.

  3. Finally, the women have more sense that 50% of NY. Get those Communist letters off the streets of one our greatest cities!!

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