Copy-resistant “Intellectual Property Colloquium”

Here’s another new way to get CLE credit from your computer:  Doug Lichtman, a UCLA law professor, has put together the Intellectual Property Colloquium, a series of learned discussions about IP law between Lichtman and other leading-edgiest of guys.

LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® would report more by cutting and pasting some excerpts from the site to allow readers to sample its high level of erudition — something about “disruptive technology”! — but text and images on the site are not right-click selectable, linkable or downloadable.  Screen-shot resistant, too.

Yeah, unlike a mere blog, the Intellectual Property Colloquium is so good everyone will cut and paste it and steal from it, so it has technological copy protection in place to protect even the promotional blurbs about the podcasts from sleazy copyright infringers and other so-called “fair use”-ers.  Quite apropos, no?  It’s valuable intellectual property — about intellectual property!  😉

For sure, something that good, you have to listen to!

The outstanding firm of Loeb & Loeb sponsors it.  Hat tip to Volokh, via the feed on Overlawyered.

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2 thoughts on “Copy-resistant “Intellectual Property Colloquium””
  1. Ron –

    I think your post here was tongue-in-cheek; but, just in case, I thought I would mention that there aren’t any fancy protections on the site. Quite the opposite, we’re licensed under a pretty broad Creative Commons license, and we are happy to have folks build on the work we’ve begun. I suspect the problem you are having is just that our site is build using Flash. That allows us to give what we thought was a snazzy look-and-feel, but, as you note, it makes cutting and pasting a little more awkward than a normal blog layout would be. If we can figure out a way to fix that, we will. Again, this is just an accidental by-product of our layout, rather than any nefarious plan to stop people from grabbing excerpts, screen shots, and the like.

    Sorry if that gave you the wrong impression.

    Doug Lichtman

  2. You guess right, Doug! I wanted to give you a big fat plug the lazy way — by copying up a bunch of text and excerpting it. So much more efficient than reading, no? So I had to make you pay a little for frustrating me. Do you realize how long it took me to figure out how to save the freaking screen shot to OneNote, then to an image file, all just to prove that I could!?

    Meanwhile the post is loaded with links in, for you sound like you have something both thoughtful and somewhat subversive to say!

    Good luck with the new project!

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