In the maw of the beasts – Copyright in Cambridge, this Wednesday

Wasserstein Hall
Wasserstein Hall. of course.

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, I will be participating in the statutory damages segment of the “Second Green Paper Roundtable” in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What is he talking about?  It’s hard to explain, really.  Give the PTO credit for not being hung up on slick marketing and stuff.  Here’s the thing:

Green Paper on Copyright Policy, Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy

In July 2013, the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force (Task Force), led by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), issued a green paper on Copyright Policy, Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy (Green Paper).  The Green Paper calls for new public input on critical policy issues that are central to our nation’s economic growth, cultural development and job creation. It is intended to serve as a reference for stakeholders, a blueprint for further action, and as a contribution to global copyright debates.

Information about the Task Force’s ongoing outreach efforts on the topics identified for further work in the Green Paper is found below.

So the short answer:  It’s the PTO, the Commerce Department, the always-popular NTIA, and Harvard Law School — unbearable lightness, no?

Then, kind of above that — maybe it’s posted blog-style, in reverse chronological order? — there’s this:

The Agenda and Webcast Link for the Second Green Paper Roundtable, June 25, 2014, Cambridge, MA are now available.
To submit comments during the webcast go to
That’s my part.  Sitting at a table and talking.  It’s even in the Federal Register, every bit as colorful.  If you drill down on that one, however, you’ll see Supplementary Information, which I for one found helpful:
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In the Task Force’s Green Paper on Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy (Green Paper), released on July 31, 2013, and in its later Request for Comments issued on October 3, 2013, the Task Force stated its intention to convene roundtables on certain copyright topics, namely: the legal framework for the creation of remixes, the relevance and scope of the first sale doctrine in the digital environment, and the appropriate calibration of statutory damages in the contexts of individual file sharers and of secondary liability for large-scale infringement. On April 16, 2014, the Task Force announced its plans to hold four roundtables in Nashville, Tennessee on May 21, 2014; Cambridge, Massachusetts on June 25, 2014; Los Angeles, California on July 29, 2014; and Berkeley, California on July 30, 2014.
If you will be in the neighborhood (Wasserstein Hall at Harvard Law School), so will I.  Well, even if you won’t.

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