Why do I relate to this guy?
LA Larry Zerner

Larry Zerner, that rare creature — a lawyer in Los Angeles whose main emphasis is copyright, trademark and entertainment law — has a very good new blog about all that stuff.

It’s called “Copyrights and Wrongs” but believe me, it gets way better after the title.  Most recent post:  Can you copyright a nose job?

My kind of guy.  I like this one, too:

A reader writes:

Dear Larry:

I don’t know what do.  My writing partner and I keep arguing about whose name should go first in the credits.  I think my name should go first because I’m older and have more experience as a writer.  He thinks that his name should be first because he came up with the initial concept for the screenplay.  We’re getting a lot of interest in the script but I’m afraid that this fight may end a great collaboration.  Do you have any suggestions?


First Things First

* * *

Dear First Things First:

Here is my advice for you and your partner.  GET OVER YOURSELVES!  Nobody and I mean nobody, other than you, your writing partner and your respective mothers gives the slightest concern about whose name is first. . . .

What’d I tell you?

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