Susan Scafidi digs up a real winner:

From the continuing annals of faux ethics comes an email from “Kim” — no further signature provided — objecting to Counterfeit Chic’s notes on Jessica Kagan Cushman’s clever scrimshaw bracelets, Chanel’s alleged copies, and Forever 21’s reported copies of the copies.Jessica Kagan Cushman’s resin scrimshaw reproductions Kim, who is either a real person or a PETA spambot, writes:

…It sickens me that anyone would buy her Mammoth Tusk bracelets! Those tusks belong on the animals they came from not on some debutante’s arm walking down fith [sic] avenue. Shame on you!

Quite apart from the image of an arm walking down 5th Avenue, Kim’s concern for Jessica’s “victims” is extremely amusing. Jessica’s website notes that “mammoth ivory comes from animals that died of natural causes over 10,000 years ago and are now extinct.” In other words, they don’t really need their tusks at the moment — and the ban on international trade in elephant ivory does not apply.

If it did, I suppose it would have to be applied nunc pro trunk!

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By Ron Coleman

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