Dembot: Why do Video Platforms Fail?

A blog called Dembot asks the obvious question –Why isn’t the Internet a TV plus a movie theater already, only better? — and posits TOP TEN REASONS WHY VIDEO PLATFORMS FAIL:

1. Insubstantial library of content
2. Poor bit rates
3. Lack of innovation (clone platform)
4. No share in content ownership rights
5. No exclusivity of content distribution
6. Lack of spark/spirit for a centralized community
7. Need for users to d/l proprietary software
8. Awkward interface design
9. Overly excessive emphasis on rights protection
10. Lack of technological foresight & audience expectations

Sounds right to me. Is (9) one of the most important? Or am I just biased?

UPDATE:  More on this topic:  It’s about the caysh.