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Okay, so that dates me a tad. Well, does Pepsi tell Coke — that Coke employees are trying to sell Coca-Cola secrets to them?

Of course they do:

Three people were charged by federal prosecutors on Wednesday with stealing confidential information, including a sample of a new drink, from The Coca-Cola Co. and trying to sell it to rival PepsiCo Inc.

The suspects include a Coke executive’s administrative assistant, Joya Williams, who is accused of rifling through corporate files and stuffing documents and a new Coca-Cola product into a personal bag. … They are expected to appear before a federal magistrate judge on Thursday in Atlanta, where Coca-Cola is based.

Pepsi spokesman Dave DeCecco said his company did what any responsible company would do in cooperating with Coke and the investigation.

“Competition can sometimes be fierce, but also must be fair and legal,” DeCecco said. “We’re pleased the authorities and the FBI have identified the people responsible for this.”

Pepsi did the right thing. Anyone who understands how real corporations and the law work, as opposed to the tinfoil hat crowd, knows that it would be patently unthinkable for Pepsi — an established company with everything to lose if caught engaged in outright pilfering of its competitor’s proprietary information — to have done otherwise.

Meanwhile, some very greedy, unethical people are in a world of trouble. The real thing.

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