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Internet bloggers will be allowed to cover the criminal trial of former White House staffer Lewis “Scooter” Libby alongside reporters from traditional media outlets, a court spokesman said on Thursday.The arrangement is believed to be a first for a high-profile court case, although trade shows and political conventions have issued media passes to bloggers in the past several years.

“Bloggers are part of the media landscape and if we were to ignore bloggers, we would be ignoring reality,” [a court spokesman] said.

Blogging access will be restricted to members of the Media Blogging Association, a trade group that provides legal advice and promotes increased access for its 1,000 members.

This is the work of friend Bob Cox of the MBA, of which I am the guy who provides the (rather rare) “legal advice” mentioned in the story. It is a pretty nice milestone for bloggers and is the fruit of a lot of work by Bob. You should consider joining our group if you blog.

Ron Coleman